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Advantages for Businesses To Hire Foreign Workers

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I write articles for the Lehigh Valley Business Journal with a focus on employment related issues, including immigration.

I recently received a response to my February article and the person left me a message that I am un-American, and I should leave the country. This is not the response that I wanted, but the response was important because it let me know that people are reading these articles but more importantly, that there is a great misperception about hiring foreign workers as being in opposition to hiring domestic workers.

US Companies, both large and small, need employees to be successful and to grow. US Companies want to hire domestically but sometimes, hiring just domestically does not fulfill the needs of the company. US workers are trained and obviously, the more that people work, the more they can provide for their families and contribute to the overall economy. However, there are many times that foreign workers may possess training and experience that US companies need but cannot find with domestic workers.

Immigration is more than migrant workers and undocumented individuals “living off the dole”. It’s about major companies like Goldman Sachs hiring outsourcing firms who often need to hire overseas and bring employees into the United States in a tight, high skilled labor market, according to Forbes Magazine.
Business leaders in Silicon Valley and other high-tech centers say they need more foreign workers to keep America competitive. Microsoft’s chairman Bill Gates made the case before Congress this spring.
According to BILL GATES, Chairman, Microsoft: “Now we face a critical shortage of scientific talent. And there’s only one way to solve that crisis today: open our doors to highly talented scientists and engineers who want to live, work and pay taxes here.”
The law allows 65,000 specialized workers, ranging from engineers to architects, and even including fashion models, into the U.S. each year, plus another 20,000 graduate degree holders. They, plus some categories like teachers not included in the cap, get what is called an H-1B visa.
With that temporary pass, they can stay and work here for up to six years. Today, there are more than 260,000 H-1B employees in the U.S.
Companies insist they need foreign workers because there are not enough qualified Americans to fill the jobs.

Foreign workers can bring specialized training and skill sets, job loyalty and a strong work ethic to any position. Again, this is not saying that US workers do not possess the same traits, but there is a shortage of US workers who possess the scientific and engineering training for today’s demanding hi-tech jobs.
There is also a shortage of workers for jobs in factories, groundskeepers, construction, and other labor intensive jobs. These jobs also require skill sets, work ethic and job loyalty for the employer to be successful. Foreign workers can fill the need of these employers.
As the world is changing and demand for skilled workers increases, the need for foreign workers is also increasing. There is room in the US for both domestic and foreign workers to fill this need and to contribute to the overall United States economy.

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