Lead with your right...

Lead with your right

Just a few examples of the presentations and seminars we deliver:

Up Your Game Customer Service
  • Fans or Customers Which is Better
  • 5 Steps To Engage You Staff
  • Stop Blaming Your Clients
Streetwise Sales
  • Meet and Beat Expectations
  • What Makes You Tick
  • Manager v. Leader
Mastering Marketing
  • Speak With, Not At Your Clients
  • Effective use of The Internet
        Websites & Social Media
  • Stop selling and Start Build Relationships



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Pull Economy

There is no question that the information revolution spawned by the internet and smart cell phones has triggered an epic worldwide transition from a push to a pull economy. Accelerated by the crash of 2008, affordable computers, and broader access to the Internet. Most feel, and many have experienced, that transitioning to the Reputation business model is far more efficient at building a business in a pull economy than the Branding, business model. But many companies are slow to initiate the switch and to change the way they have always done things. In their defense, there has never been the need, nor an alternative business model option choice, until now. Traditional messaging when using the current communications tools to distribute a Push message, which was created by the corporation or their agency, are no longer the most useful model for growing businesses.

Components of a Reputation:

  • Impression
  • Perception
  • Opinion
  • Stereotypes
  • Traits
  • Behaviors
  • Manners
  • Beliefs




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