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4P’s Method:
People, Process, Product and Promotion:

The 4P’s method is a process, relevant to today's business environment and loosely based on marketing expert E. Jerome McCarthy’s Marketing Mix, spelled out in his 1960 book Basic Marketing, which we have updated to help business owners, regardless of their experience, to build a successful entity. The process is easy for leadership to structure, for managers and staff to understand and follow, and more effective and efficient to implement and maintain. In making the switch from Branding (traditional thinking), – tell them how they feel, to Reputation (modern thinking), – know how they feel, each step builds on the next, so if changes need to be made, very little time, effort and money is lost.

People: The people factor includes everyone that touches the business.

Process: The process in which your product or service is critical. Why? In the modern thinking method, your consumers know how your product is created.

Product:  The product factor addresses specifically the product or service your business provides to your consumers.

Promotion:  The promotion factor if you notice is last

We begin with creating a general outline or Achievement Plan for the five fields, (again, leadership, management, customer service, sales, and marketing), of business. The Achievement Plan (AP) will include an overall view of the business, plus statements detailing mission, vision, and a SWOT chart, (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats). We next introduce a basic tool used to create a people analysis, including the Unification Chart of Business, with the Reputation method of growth: Owners/Family, Investors/Partners, Consumers, Vendors and Employees.

Achievement: something accomplished, especially by superior ability, special effort, great courage

A modern Achievement Plan replaces the traditional Business Plan. AP is a different kind of strategic plan that will help the business grow and includes what we want to accomplish, (Mission), why we are doing it, (Vision), and the current landscape we are in, (Leadership, Management, Customer Service, Marketing and Sales SWOT). It summarizes the goals of the company, so everyone is on the same page. It will also help to focus the entire business, including a unified customer focused marketing message, based on the experience of the consumers of your product.

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